Based in the south-east of England, Stephen Chambers is one of the leading military historians on the Gallipoli campaign. Even though this is his prime passion, he also has in-depth knowledge of many British military campaigns and battles that include Waterloo to the end of the Second World War. Stephen is a freelance battlefield guide, author and researcher specialising in British military history, from the redcoats to khaki.

His first book in the Battleground Europe series, Gallipoli - Gully Ravine (Pen & Sword 2002) had high acclaim, along with its follow-on volumes; Anzac The Landing (Pen & Sword 2008), Suvla: August Offensive (Pen & Sword 2011) and Anzac: Sari Bair (Pen & Sword 2014). British and commonwealth military history has continued to have been a successful theme, with Uniforms & Equipment of the British Army in World War One (Schiffer Books, 2005), the first serious work on the subject. During the Great War centenary Stephen, with co-author Richard van Emden, wrote Gallipoli: The Dardanelles Disaster in Soldiers' Words and Photographs (Bloomsbury 2015). His latest guidebooks, Walking Gallipoli, and Krithia were published in 2021. Stephen’s Battleground Europe guidebooks have all been translated in to Turkish. Stephen is currently co-editing an intelligence officers diary in a forthcoming book called Inside GHQ.

When not writing, Stephen is on the Battlefield, continuing his research and guiding groups. The best way to study a campaign is to walk in the footsteps of those involved, whether in the grasslands of Zululand, the mud of Flanders or the beaches of Normandy. His battlefield knowledge is varied, which includes the Battle of Waterloo, Anglo-Zulu War 1879, Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902, First World War 1914-18 (Mons, Gallipoli, Salonika, Loos, Ypres, Somme, Cambrai) and the Second World War 1939-1945 (Dunkirk, Dieppe, Berlin, Bruneval, D-Day, Malta, North Africa, Normandy, Arnhem).

Stephen is a Trustee of the Gallipoli Association and a member of the Western Front Association and Orders and Medals Research Society. He is also an accredited member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides, Badge No.75 and is director of Great War Digital Ltd, home of the GPS mapping product - LinesMan.